ITE Saimaalla

ITE Saimaalla is a combination of two projects: searching the artists (2016-2017) and exhibiting them (2018-2019).

The searching project looked for contemporary folk artists from the Southern Savonia. ITE-artists were documented by interviews, photographs and videos. The distinghuished artists from the area were presented in exhibitions, videos and in a yearbook of ITE art.

The main exhibition ”ITE puusta” was in the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto in Punkaharju, at 27.4.2018–6.1.2019. As well a route of 15 ITE art environments and yards was produced; a map can be downloaded here.

Projects were run by the Association for Rural Culture and Education, and funded by European agricultural fund for rural development, by the local Leader Piällysmies and Leader Rajupusu associations.