ITE related projects have produced a lot video material on ITE artists, their works and work spaces. Here are selected playlist from our Youtube channel.

ITE Pirkanmaalla project

ITE Saimaalla project

Finnish ITE Art environments, video by Veli Granö

Artist Erkki Pekkarinen, video by Mike Inglis

Raija Kallioinen interviewing Erkki Pekkarinen, a self-taught artist, using birch park in his creative work.

Bear Festival in Ilomantsi

Videos about self-taught wood sculptors.

Erkki Pirtola’s ITE-videos

The play list below has been compiled from videos on Erkki Pirtola’s YouTube channel. Erkki Pirtola was a Finnish curator, artist, art critic and documentarist who shot thousands of hours of videos on Finnish contemporary folk artists.