The Miraculous House of Fun

Kansallistalo, Yhtiöntie 8, Ilomantsi, Finland

Open Tue–Sun at 11–17
Tickets 5 €

Welcome to “The Miraculous House of Fun” art exhibition in Ilomantsi, Finland, 1st July – 15th August 2021. Experience this outstandingly delicious ITE art extravaganza in full galore!

The collaborative of 15 ITE artists are from all over Finland: The ITE artist of 2021, Jori Tapio Kalliola, August Eskelinen, Ulla Haglund, Raimo Hautaluoma, Timo Kareinen, Ursula Kuula, Juha Käkelä, Aimo Laitinen, Taisto Pehkonen, Timo Teittinen, Markku Tuominen, Romurinsessa, Erkki Rytkönen, Hanna Viitala, Anna Wildrose.

Exhibition soundscape is created by musician Joonatan Huuki and curated by Paula Huhtanen, The ITE artist of 2020.

The exhibition is organised by: MSL Vaara-Karjala cultural association.

Anna Wildrose, collage, 2013–2018

Discussion on Outsider Art Environments – Possibilities and Challenges

Monday, 15.2.2021 at 12–15 (Finnish time, UTC+2)

In English
12:15 John Maizels, editor, Raw Vision Magazine: The famous Rock Garden by Nek Chand in Chandigarh, India
12:45 Discussion

In Finnish

13:00 Veli Granö, visual artist, photographer: Photograps of Finnish ITE art environments (video reel)
13:10 Paula Susitaival: Interviews with five ITE art environment maintainers. With Pirjo Rinne (Enni Id’s cottage, Padasjoki), Atte Paju (Sculpture park by Veijo Rönkkönen in Parikkala), Mirja Mattila (home museum by Väinö Ylén, Rauma), Loviisa Kautiainen (Alpo Koivumäki’s Savannah, Kauhajoki), Christel Vaeneberg (sculpture garden Onnela by Ensio  Tuppurainen, Kouvola).
14:10 Panel discussion, together with supporters, organisers and authorities, hosted by Helka Ketonen

The webinar is arranged by the Association for Rural Culture and Education, in collaboration with Kettuki and European Outsider Art Association EOA.

The event belongs to the serie “Road to the EOA Conference, Hämeenlinna, Finland 2022” Please, register yourself to the webinar before 11.2.2021. In connection with your registration, please send your questions to the speakers.  

Enni Id’s house in Padasjoki, Finland. Photo by Juho Haavisto.

Destined for Creativity – ITE and Friends

13.2.–26.4.2020 Kokkola, ITE Museum
2.6.–20.9.2020 Oulu Museum of Art
23.10.2020–7.3.2021 Hämeenlinna Art Museum

The conceptual family of outsider art was joined by a new member in the early 2000s when folk art by Finnish self-taught artists was discovered and named ITE art (from the Finnish phrase itse tehty elämä, or “self-made life”).

20 years have passed since the first ITE art exhibition in Kaustinen Folk Arts Center. Since those days, a self-standing history of ITE art has been formulated. Although the artworks are highly idiosyncratic and unique, they often share certain themes and stylistic traits.

The anniversary exhibition features works by both active and bygone folk artists from home and abroad as well as works from contemporary artists. Curators Minna Haveri, Liisa Heikkilä-Palo and Elina Vuorimies make individual artworks and stories part of a wider narrative of self-made lives.

ITE Art in Finland – 20-year jubilee

We would like to invite everyone to explore Finnish contemporary folk art, ITE art, and to take part in the jubilee year’s many festive events!

When the Association for Rural Culture and Education and its partners began surveying Finnish contemporary folk art in the late 1990s, the genre was virtually unknown in Finland, as was the general concept of contemporary folk art.

The consequences can be compared to opening Pandora’s box – in a good way. Hundreds of original creators and wonderful worlds of imagination were discovered on the walls of Finnish homes and especially in the vast expanses of remote countryside yards. Until then, their creations had been mainly ignored or sneered at.

The phenomenon was named ITE art, ITE being an acronym of the Finnish words itse tehty elämä, ‘self-made life’. It refers to the fact that most of these artists are self-taught and use their art to shape their entire lives; they construct their own stories through their works. In 2000, the first ITE exhibitions were held and the first book on the subject was published. They gained tremendous popularity and attention, and ITE art coverage was huge in the media. And now it’s time to mark ITE art’s 20-year jubilee.

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The Association for Rural Culture and Education also has an extensive Collection of ITE art, which is maintained by the ITE Museum in Kokkola on the west coast of Finland. Both the Association and the ITE Museum provide guidance and advice on all issues related to ITE art.

Contact us

Association for Rural Culture and Education
Helka Ketonen, Director, Cultural Affairs,
Raija Kallioinen, Coordinator, Cultural Affairs,
ITE Collection
Elina Vuorimies, Curator in ITE Museum,


Season greetings!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 to all friends of ITE Art!

ITE Art exhibitions and events in 2019


Wanted ITE
ITE Museum
Pitkänsillankatu 28, Kokkola, Finland
Tue–Sun 11–16, Thu 11–18, Mon closed
Press release (in Finnish)


ITE – Via Parkano
ITE Art in parks and streets, center of Parkano town, Finland
Works by Raimo Hautaluoma, Paula Huhtanen, Alpo Koivumäki, Juha Käkelä, Elisa Kärjä, Mikko Virkkula
Mobile map:
Download the Nomadi appliication

Paula Huhtanen, The biggest is PEACE
Tullinsilta gallery, Loviisa
Exhibistion is open till 30.5.2019, open by agreements, call to +358 40 512 5508,
Tullisilta gallery in Facebook

Wood sculptures by Kaarlo Bäckman
Pyhäjoki library gallery, Ruukintie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki
Open: Mon, Thu 11–16, Tue, Wed, Fri 11–20


Parikkala Sculpture Park
Over 500 sculptures and a lovely garden
Kuutostie 611, 59130 Parikkala, Finland
Always open
More information in English in the web blog by Henk van Es.

Alpo’s Savannah
Alpo Koivumäki’s sculpture yard
Sarantie 672, Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki, Finland
Open daily at 10:00–20:00
Alpo’s Savannah in Facebook
More information in English in the web blog by Henk van Es.

Enni Id’s house
Kellosalmentie 579, Padasjoki, Finland
Open on summer Sundays at 12–15
Groups can agree special visit, please contact Mrs Pirjo Rinne +358 40 595 3445 or
Enni Id in ITEnet
Video by Mike Inglis here
Page in Facebook
More information in English in the web blog by Henk van Es.

Edvin Hevonkoski, sculpture park Edvin’s Path
Edvininpolku, Vaasa
Always open
More information in English in the web blog by Henk van Es.

Home museum by Väinö Ylen
Kodisjoentie 1535, Kodisjoki (Rauma), Finland
In summer 2019 the house is open 29.6.-4.8. Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 12–16
You can agree special visits in other times.
More information in English in the web blog by Henk van Es.


Träume – Utopien – Visionen
Musée Visionnaire
Predigerplatz 10, Zürich, Zwitzerland
ITE Artist Ilmari ”Imppu” Salminen in international exhibition, presented together with Julius Bockelt, Urs Hanselmann, Julia Krause-Harder, Parzival’, Brenda Vieira-Schimidt and Ben Wilson

Nordic Outsider Craft
Art Gallery Filosoffen, Odense, Denmark / 19.–31.3.2019
Aguélimuséet, Sala, Sweden / 25.5.–15.6.2019
Safnasafnið-museum, Akureyri, Island / 13.7.–8.9.2019
Galleri NordNorge, Harstad, Norway / 29.11.2019–10.1.202

Max and Korine Ammann’s Collection

14.6.2018–13.1.2019 Outsider Art Museum, Amsterdam


Bear Festival and bear sculpting competition “GoBearGo”
15.–17.8.2019 Ilomantsi, Finland