Destined for Creativity – ITE and Friends

13.2.–26.4.2020 Kokkola, ITE Museum
2.6.–20.9.2020 Oulu Museum of Art
23.10.2020–7.3.2021 Hämeenlinna Art Museum

The conceptual family of outsider art was joined by a new member in the early 2000s when folk art by Finnish self-taught artists was discovered and named ITE art (from the Finnish phrase itse tehty elämä, or “self-made life”).

20 years have passed since the first ITE art exhibition in Kaustinen Folk Arts Center. Since those days, a self-standing history of ITE art has been formulated. Although the artworks are highly idiosyncratic and unique, they often share certain themes and stylistic traits.

The anniversary exhibition features works by both active and bygone folk artists from home and abroad as well as works from contemporary artists. Curators Minna Haveri, Liisa Heikkilä-Palo and Elina Vuorimies make individual artworks and stories part of a wider narrative of self-made lives.

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