ITE on the Hunt and Savannah

ITE on the Hunt and Savannah (ITE metsällä ja savannilla)
12 May–18 September 2016
The Hunting Museum of Finland
Tehtaankatu 23 A, Riihimäki, Finland
Open 12 May–31 August: Tue–Sun 10:00–17:00, in September: Tue–Sun 10:00– 16:00
Tickets € 6/4/3, family ticket €12

The halls and gardens at the Hunting Museum in Riihimäki are filled with animal-themed sculptures by ITE artists. The beasts and nature of savannah and the North live in perfect harmony.

An unreserved and untrained expression and joy of creation is what brings out a primal ’art tribe’ out of the deeps of the Finnish forests.  ITE, or ’Self-made life’, refers to art whose makers are self-taught and express themselves in a unique and passionate way; for them, making art often becomes a lifestyle that embraces their entire lives.

ITE on the Hunt and Savannah is a conference, of sorts, where the flora and fauna of the Southern and Northern hemispheres meet. Themes of the natural world and materials collected from nature are typical of Finnish contemporary folk art. These works mix with the themes of the museum’s permanent exhibition and interact with Finnish game animals and the exotic animals in Jaakko Ojanperä’s trophy collection.

Man is there as well, observing, taking action and utilising nature. The recycled materials used in many of the works have already been used and abandoned by human beings: tyres, scrap metal and drink cans live on as animal sculptures. Techniques that are closely associated with the traditions of everyday rural handicrafts such as chainsaw sculpting, welding and needlework shake hands with the conventions of visual arts.

You can find texts, images and videos about the artists on Tarinasoitin.

The exhibition is organised by the Hunting Museum of Finland, ITE – Contemporary Folk Art Museum and the Union for Rural Culture and Education. It will move to the ITE – Contemporary Folk Art Museum in Kokkola in autumn, where it will be open from 20 October 2016 until 17 January 2017.

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