ITE by hand

ITE by hand (ITE käsillä)
Hand-made contemporary folk art

13 May–16 October 2016
ITE – Contemporary Folk Art Museum
Pitkänsillankatu 28, Kokkola, Finland
Open Tue–Sun 11:00–16:00, Thu 11:00–18:00, Mon closed
Tickets € 4/2/0, free entrance on Thursdays

ITE – Contemporary Folk Art Museum in Kokkola exhibits handicrafts-based expressions of artistic creativity. People usually follow patterns and guidelines when making handicrafts, but what happens when the individual gets carried away by wild creativity and a passion for self-expression?

The ITE by hand exhibition displays wild works of handicrafts that charm, startle and amuse the audience. There are numerous materials and techniques used in the works, including embroidery, crocheting, needlework, appliqué, felting, junk sculptures and folded cardboard.

The 17 craftspeople featured in the exhibition all come from the margins of the art world, and in addition to the Finnish ITE artists, there are stars of outsider art from Denmark and Norway. The artists in the exhibition are Eivor Bennert, Ullakaisa Kaarlela, Alpo Koivumäki, Elisa Kärjä, Hannu Leskinen-Estola, Anna Lappalainen,  Wenche Nilsen, Erkki Nousiainen, Kenneth Rasmussen, Mirjami Rautio, Merja Riekkinen, Aune Riihonen, Marja Ruusunen, Rauha Ryynänen, Helinä Savonen, Johanna Seppä and Audgunn Vilhelmsen.

Some of the works are from the ITE Museum collections, and there are also works on loan from the Saarijärvi Museum, the Kellokoski Hospital Museum, the Kettuki collection, the Trastad collection at the Sør-Troms Museum, Norway, the Bifrost Art School in Randers, Denmark as well as from artists and private collections.

The exhibition is curated by art educator and researcher Minna Haveri.

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