Midsummer bride of Karesuvanto

Enontekiö, Karesuvanto, near Finnish Customs

Performance event 22 June 2012 at 6 p.m.
ITE art exhibition 22 June – 30 September 2012



Traditional midsummer festivities among Finns and Swedes. The event will feature the performance Midsummer bride and the wedding guests by dance artist Reijo Kela. A wooden woman’s torso created by sculptor Essi Korva will arrive at the party on a ferry and will be placed in the bog among chain-saw sculptures.

Sculptures created in the chain-saw sculpting camp led by sculptor and filmmaker Kari Tykkyläinen will remain in the grounds near Finnish Customs for the summer. The public are welcome to see how sculptures are made at the camp held between 14 and 17 June 2012 in the town council’s industrial hall in the centre of Enontekiö.

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