The Many Faces of Wood

Eero Pulkki: Tourist Bear

The international project THE MANY FACES OF WOOD – Insights into folk art and everyday creativity (2012-14) highlights the renewing European folk traditions with the different styles and techniques implemented in nonprofessional art that gets its power from folk traditions and folk art. It will produce models of how traditions of wood carving and folk culture can be used to develop activities that enrich both the environment and the community.

Self-taught artists of wood sculpting from different countries will meet and exchange skills and techniques.  Young people will be taught in workshops how to sculpt and use tools. The works of the artists will be brought out for public viewing in exhibitions, films, festivals, competitions, performances, publications, and workshop activities.

The partners of the project are coming from Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Italy.



Karhu Mielessä – Bear in Mind
International Bear Festival and Bear Sculpting World Championships
Ilomantsi, Finland 20-23 Aug 2014

Rules of the Bear Sculpting World Championships

Application for Competitors


Wood carving event in Ilomantsi 24-29 June 2013
Wood carving event in Saarijärvi 1-3 July 2013
Exhibition Fruits of Paradise in Saarijärvi 4 Oct 2013-6 Jan 2014

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