Stumble across ITE

Stumble across ITE (Eti ITE)
21 May–30 July 2016
City of Parkano, Finland

You can stumble across fantastic sculptures while walking around Parkano’s town centre. They are all made by ITE artists – self-taught makers of contemporary folk art.

The exhibition’s theme Stumble across ITE invites you to explore parks, squares and roadsides to see if you can find art in unexpected environments.  You never know, you may bump into a visiting sculpture at a fountain or the health centre.

The animal kingdom is represented by a number of species, including deer, eagle, giant frog and a flock of cranes. Townspeople have been fascinated by the sculpture of a farmer and his wife making hay, not to mention the smiles brought to everyone’s faces by the massive woman made of sheet metal that is offering coffee to an admirer from a pot the size of a wheelbarrow.

Pictured here is Arto Tuominen, who put the exhibition together, in the Europresident’s chair made by Edvin Hevonkoski. Image by Hanna Tuuri.

The exhibition features sculptures by Edvin Hevonkoski, Alpo Koivumäki, Tauno Vuorenniemi and Markku Yli-Lankoski, among others.

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