Children of the moment

Children of the moment (Hetken lapsia)
19 June–10 September 2016
Artpark Hasanniemi
Hasanniementie 15, Joensuu, Finland

Artpark Hasanniemi is a meeting point in a natural beauty spot on the shores of Lake Pyhäselkä, Joensuu.  In summer, you can have a rest at the sunny café, watch sheep, enjoy a play at the summer theatre – and see the smallest ITE art exhibition in Finland.

A tiny hut is a place to reflect on the memory of two Erkkis. It reveals some of their significance to the surrounding communities and is also a monument to everyday creativity and passion for art.

Erkki Pirtola (1950–2016) was a visual and performance artist, critic and an advocate of ITE art. Erkki Kervinen (1954–2015) was a volunteer, who was passionate about promoting theatrical activities and various innovative construction projects.

The playhouse in the garden features delicate and ethereal works by ITE artist Sanni Korhonen made of fallen leaves.

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