Martti Hömppi In Memoriam (1935–2013)

Finnish Skiing Hero by Martti Hömppi. Photo by Elina Vuorimies.

Martti Hömppi, one of the best-known and admired Finnish ITE artists, passed away peacefully on Feb 15th, 2013.

Martti Hömppi was a sailor who sailed the seven seas, an amateur horn player and a self-taught artist. He started making sculptures after he retired. Working recycled plank wood and scrap materials was typical for him – he saw various materials are full of possibilities.

Martti Hömppi’s carnivalistic plank wood sculptures are full of irony and social criticism aimed at two-faced politicians, doping sportsmen, not forgetting religious extremists. Hömppi dared to provoke, not out of spite but out of mischief because he thought that mockery is the salt of culture.

Mr. Hömppi didn’t want to be called an artist but came to see himself as an ITE artist as the ITE project proceeded. He was particularly fond of the title “Picasso of the Woodshed” given to him in ITE circles.

Martti Hömppi donated his artworks to the ITE Collection, owned by the Union for Rural Culture.

See Mr. Hömppi in YLE Archive. The film was sent  in Finnish TV at 7.8.2003.

Article on Martti Hömppi in the blog Outsider Environments Europe, by Henk van Es.


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